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The contactless shopper
engagement platform.

Freeosk is the only shopper engagement platform that transforms in-store experiences into omni-channel relationships. Our no-touch, interactive kiosks delight shoppers by creating on-demand, free sampling experiences that generate measurable data. Freeosk helps brands grow by reaching the most curious shoppers beyond the aisles through one- to-one targeting across email, digital, social and even TV!

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Instant connections. Big results.

Our Freeosk fans aren't your average shopper. They're curious. They spend more. They actively seek out new products. And when they love something, they buy again and again. If you want to stand out in a sea of options, add these valuable shoppers to your base of loyal fans, and measure your success, Freeosk is your growth partner.

The #1 way to engage shoppers.

Freeosk fuels product discovery and can't-miss experiences.


All Fortune 100 CPGs

Freeosk is utilized by the largest CPG brands in the world

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1300+ Locations

A nationwide network of kiosks powering 1-to-1 experiences


78M+ Engagements

Over 1 million unique shopper engagements delivered each week


34M+ Freeosk Fans

Free samples, exclusive offers & more delivered flawlessly to shoppers

Shopper Experience

Reach who matters where it matters.

At Freeosk, we've completely reimagined the shopper experience. Beyond our perfectly placed shopper engagement platform, we connect brands with Freeosk shoppers wherever life takes them - from the inbox to Instagram. Brands and retailers count on us to transform in-store experiences into omni-channel relationships. Best of all, we can measure the ROI of your Freeosk marketing by tying shoppers to their real-world actions including purchases.

Shopper Experience

Your marketing strategy is missing something.

That "something" is an audience of shoppers raising their hand, ready and willing to discover your brand. If you're hungry to deliver omni-channel marketing moments that move shoppers from trying to buying, what are you waiting for?