Influence shoppers at the moments that matter most.

For retailers to win, it's omnichannel or bust. Shoppers know they can find low prices online, so it's critical you make their time in-store well spent. Hello, Freeosk. Underpinned by rich, shopper-declared data, Freeosk is the only always-on, shopper engagement platform that can help you.

Our platform can help you.

Electronic Devices

Go Omni-Channel

Drive pre-purchase awareness
beyond the aisles

Freeosk Kiosk

Deliver On-Demand Experiences

Influence shopping decisions through 24/7 in-store experiences


Measure Real-World Results

Unlock post-purchase insights and engagement

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Good news: Engaging your shoppers has never been easier.

Freeosk's always-on, in-store discovery platform helps brands and retailers connect with shoppers eager to discover and spend on new items. With the swipe of a loyalty card or tap of an app, shoppers unlock free goodies - everything from baby items to breakfast foods! Freeosk helps you deliver an immersive, in-store experience that online players just can't match.

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Measurement is a must-have.

If you want to build loyalty, connect with shoppers and achieve your growth goals, shopper level insights are key. Our measurement solutions go beyond traditional past purchase data. We can help you understand how shoppers are actually behaving in-store while they shop, predict their future behaviors and analyze the effectiveness of your cross-channel strategies.

Let the shopping begin.

When retailers launch a Freeosk shopper engagement platform, shoppers respond.


Connect at Scale

Engages 15%+ of weekly shoppers


Brand Driven

Freeosk works with all Fortune 100 CPG Brands


Influence Spenders

Freeosk fans spend 80% more annually than non-engagers


Reach Who Matters

Our opt-in platform reaches shoppers 5X more likely to be an omni-channel shopper

Mindshare leads to market share.

Loyalty Loop

When customers think of your store first, that's mindshare. To earn that place, you need to meet consumers with relevant messaging wherever life takes them, from the inbox to Instagram. Freeosk's suite of solutions can raise your share of voice and support your most strategic initiatives.

Work with us.


Grow Your CRM

Boost the size of your
shopper database


Increase Loyalty

Grow rewards programs
& boost sales


Drive App Downloads

Incentivize users to
download & engage


Launch Targeted Ads

Reach users one-to-one
across channels


Surge Store-Brand Sales

Drive private label awareness
with shoppers

You're in good company.

Today over 1,300 Freeosk platforms can be found across the nation's leading shopping destinations.

Walmart Sam's Club
Freeosk Kiosk

No-touch for shoppers. Hands free for you.

The Freeosk interactive kiosk is a turn-key solution that delivers a fun, hygienic, automated and measurable in-store experience. We provide the equipment, the service, and the brand trial programs. Your job? Watch shoppers smile and grow their basket size.

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